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The quality of programs Progressive Therapy Solutions provides is second to none. Our goal is 100% attainment with each case. As impossible as this seems, it allows us to treat with long-term results in mind rather than a short-term "quick fix".

Restraint Reduction Programs
We have designed specific programs to assist nursing facilities in reducing the number of restraints used in the homes.
In addition, if we must use restraints, we ensure the facility is utilizing the least restrictive type and the staff is properly trained in its use.

Range of Motion Programs
Therapy staff ensures that all residents maintain their highest level of range of motion through regular screenings and measurements. Any problems that are observed will be corrected by working with the nursing staff of the facility.


Dining Programs
Each of our staff members are trained to observe the dining techniques of residents to make sure they maintain their highest level of independence. We will be in the dining room during meal times to observe the residents on a regular basis.


Ambulation Programs
We work closely with the nursing staff and the restorative staff of the facility to ensure that the residents maintain their ability to ambulate independently or with as little assistance as possible. If needed, we will educate the residents on proper use of ambulatory tools such as canes, walkers, and wheel chairs.


Contracture Management Programs
Our staff of therapists will ensure that any residents at risk of contractures are properly treated. We educate the staff on such issues as splinting and positioning.


Cognitive & Speech Programs
Our staff of Speech Therapists are trained to deliver care in areas such as cognitive development, swallowing, and basic communication skills. We work closely with the staff of the facility to make sure that the residents do not have any avoidable setbacks.

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